Day 132, no one here, bowling trip, quizup, fuck me and my mind, at least it’s okay

Civ for days, career mode with us, seeing college decisions, booking iceland, setting admitted student day visit, 

Penn State University visit, waking up knowing that there was some discussion last night but not quite sure, very long car rides, looking more like gw, hurting my shins, beat 2048, “spring break”

Looking for papers, pro clubs and infected, one of my best friend’s birthday, football with trick plays, primos, poker upset, burning and fire pit, night wandering, bed talk

Day 131, quidditch, scoring but no snitch catching, out of breath stat test, winning spirit week king, lost by bullshit, that was my last spirit week, WHITE TEAM FOREVER, wandering the city with nothing to do, single civ, just say something… please


If I text you and you don’t respond,  no matter how much I like you, I won’t text you a second time in fear of annoying you.