Time to get back into the grind, trying to get my work in check, really nothing to do, just trying to help out someone like you helped me, room smells…

Haircuts, walking from penn, megabus back is crowded, happy to be back in DC, kinda wish people were happier to see me or at least tried to include me, some stuff happened without me, I really wish I saw you first

Just like home, got to get new threads, getting stuff to bring back, penn park soccer with penn people, family dinner, ok well an unnecessary fuck you too then, really laid back saturday night.

Getting ready for the trip home, I think it was a lunch date, union station, megabus, 3 hour ride, love philly, chilling like the old days, home chill

I hate missing class when I actually wanna go to class, chem will ruin me I know it, late to philosophy, shot cod, trying to get in the loop, rubber band hickey, hallway gossip

Long ass day, tornado warning, chem test 2, 2 hour journey to find fruit roll ups but it was worth it, crepe away adventure, helping everyone with chem lab, sigh :)